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Great White

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Lyrics to Waiting For Love
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Every day I wake to findEmpty arms shuttered blindsNo one holding to my sideLaying in my lonely bedConfused about the things we saidNothing straight in my mindCan't stand waitingAnticipatingBeing here without youWaiting for loveI'm waiting for loveA prisoner in an ivory towerStranded in my darkest hourOn a broken bridge of sighsIf it's true that love has liedIf it's true my heart will cryNo one else can make it rightCan't stand waitingAnticipatingBeing here without youIf only I could see youMy heart will always need youHere I stand heart in handFor youWaiting for loveWaiting for loveWaiting for loveI'm just waiting for your loveCan't stand waitingAnticipatingHere I stand heart in handWaiting for youI'm waitingI'm just waiting for your loveWell I'm waiting for your loveWaiting for loveNow I'm waitingWaitIngWaiting for loveAh your loveNow give it, gimme your loveWaiting for your love

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