Waiting For Headlights Lyrics

Carload of Thieves

These Souls

Lyrics to Waiting For Headlights
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I've got an anchor in my chest and this ship won't stay afloat
this ship can't stand to float tonight
I take the time to check southbound traffic
heading into night; any car will be all right

Tonight will be my last bad time
I'll take my final look into the sky
then close my eyes and collide

I don't believe in God but I always pray I impact lives
maybe 'failing' is a crime (all right)
I'll take my time to race the clock
slow and steady wins the race, the race that I can't take

Tonight will be my last goodbye
Please stop my car and end this drive
I'll close my eyes then collide

I'm burning up faster than this cigarette I hold
in these hands soaked with blood from constructing new holes in my walls
I try to sleep but nothing soothes me anymore

If only I knew what I know now
I'd embrace the skyline instead of falling down
I'd change the way I saw myself
take all that's left of me and burn it to the ground

My awkward star never did shine
this sideshow to your life was never mine
I'll see myself and hit the lights
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