Lyrics to Vultures
Finally I am here
Back to square one
I am finally
Back to square one (back)
Wrong footed again in the lions den
I quit chasing my shadow
Wrong footed again in the lions den
Sinking in the shallow
Forfeit, these foolish notions
Tell them vultures
I am not fucking dead
I have finally overcome
I am invincible
I look around
I’m in a den
A den with lions
A den with lions
You have been misplaced, betrayed
I am finally back to square one
I have overcome
I feel this complication has damaged my reputation
These days are not as bright as I remembered them to be
These days have been darkened for the both of us
Do your best to prove me wrong
Moving on
How the fuck did I get so weak
Remember how it use to be
Summon Shenron and wish for him to take me back
To the day, we were lions
Battles I’ve overcome have slowly been undone
And if you can tell me
This is my destiny
Then fuck it
Feed me to the pigs
I quit