Lyrics to Vultures
If there's anything left for the vultures, don't forget it's a bloody line up when they think there's a quick paycheck. Hidden in weakened wrecks. In the hollow bones. They get digging, with a one track mind, and they can't let go of a good thing. It's a good thing. Gonna rally round a good thing. Till every man gets a taste, and the resonant relics of passing time have all been picked. Taken out under wing, or devoured whole. Giving up everything to the ones that know all the good things. It's a good thing. Gonna rally round a good thing

Dig to ravage plain in sight. Dig to horde the hallowed aid. Praise is cheap but valid's right. Take your treasure, stand in line

We live up our article with glory. We go all in all for what it's worth. We live seldom giving back to story. We go on our way collecting surely
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