Lyrics to Vultures
Vultures Video:
Clutch my heart in my hands, promise I'll be fine.
I've burned so many bridges in my time. Now the forest's on fire -- we're all burning inside. Say goodbye and promise not to cry. This is the last time I'm leaving, this is my last goodbye. Wipe the tears from my eyes, my heart's on fire. The gears stopped turning a long time ago -- broken grandfather clocks stopped keeping time. You promised me you'd be fine. Just as the seasons turn and dead leaves fall away, nothing gold can stay. Broken branches on a family tree -- we're all one in the same. We're all vultures, we're all birds of prey. We're a dying race, facing the end of days. We're all vultures, we can't keep on this way, clipping our wings, hearts filled with dismay. We're all vultures, we're all birds of prey. The times are changing, nothing gold can stay.

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