Lyrics to Voyeur
Voyeur Video:
Virgin little schoolgirls
Dirty little nurse
Teachers, whores and chambermaids
All lifting up their skirts
Sister's in the bathroom
Getting nice and clean
Telescopic vision
He's bursting at the seams

Posion pleasures, taken by hand
Rapid fire, from his pulsating gland

Neighbours at the window
Trying her new bra
Young and horny lovers
Back seat daddys car
Searching through his bondage
Cindy's in top drawer
Blondes, brunettes and redheads
To satisfy the voyeur

Uncut videos, vibrating eye
Snakes alive, cause he's never shy
He's the voyeur

Leggy traffic wardens
Women of the law
Coming hard on oral
She's begging him for more
Polariod mistress
Versatile and lean
Fingering her naked flesh
Fuel for his wet dreams

He's had them all
Thats what he says
The liar
So little action
But nobody cares
About the voyeur

You meet some strange people in this place..

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