Lyrics to Vote For Me
Vote For Me Video:
(Vote!) I'd like to announce my candidacy I'd appreciate it if you vote for me I wanna be Vice President (Vote for me!) If I was Vice President, know what I'd do? Pretty much anything I wanted to! (Vote for me! Vote for me!) (Vote!) I'd have a first class seat on Air Force One An awesome pad in Washington, D.C. (If you vote for me) I'd play golf all day with heads of state If they brought beer, wouldn't that be great? I can't wait! (Vote for me! Vote for me!) Well, there's a awful lot of issues important to me Here's my campaign policy Legislation! Education! Occupation! Arbitration! Modernization! Legalization! Immigration! United Nations! Integration! Restoration! Imitation! Hospitalization! Space Station! Accusation! Every Nation Violation! Compensation! Realization! I'm freakin' out! Vote for me! Vote for me! Well, it's the land of the brave, and home of the free That's the funny thing about democracy A vote for me is a vote for me! (Vote!) Vote for me! (Vote!) (Vote!) Hey, vote for me! (Vote!) (Vote! Vote! Vote!) (Vote!)

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