Voices That Challenge Lyrics

Straight Edge

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Lyrics to Voices That Challenge
Voices That Challenge Video:
Starvation, deception
Prejudice, infection
There the voices
And there is truth
When the masters
do what they do
You say you're a voice that challenges
But you're just the same
You're a fucking hypocrite
Because peace is what you claim
You are...
But you aren't
Sexism, racism all over the place
You spread all this with your corrupt taste
You say protect the children
You're molesting them instead
And if someone else does it
Well they have our head
You're massacring gays, you're labeling Jews
It was not this fate that is liable to choose
If you're a lesbian well the punishment is worse
But it's really not their fault, been like this since birth
Pride and prejudice,
Destroying, destruction
Hate and corruption
You are the voices that challenge the lives
Of the sick and the silenced
You take away what's right
And leave absolutely nothing
Absolutely, fucking, nothing
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