PnB Rock

Catch These Vibes

New lane, yeah bitch you know that's the game
I ain't never ever switched up, I'm the same
Heard me?
Run around and do a nigga dirty
Niggas gon hate, can't hurt me
Pull up, [?] I don't give a fuck
Strapped everyday like wassup
Yo I'm strapped like wassup
I ain't never ever give a fuck
I'll roll you up like a dutch
Nigga you can pull up if you want
Nigga tell me wassup
You don't wanna tell me whats up
Coz you know my bro got the heater
He a grim reaper
Yeah I got a bad senorita
And she sipping more margaritas
She trynna get fucked
Yeah bitch tryna get hit
Yeah nigga tryna get lit
Yeah, Ive been high as a bitch
And I got thirty in the whip
I ain't never gave a shit
Young nigga don't try to scheme
I got the beam
Pull up to the scene
[?] clean
You know I'm gonna shoot
And you know that's the truth
Yeah bitch you know I got the juice
You know I got the sauce
And I go hard
I've been going hard Goyard
And I flex in the coupe
Your bitch is she cute
And she got a friend with her too
And I hit the bitch too
When I was like ouu
Nigga fuck you
I don't give a fuck never

Nigga you be hating nigga why
Nigga you should mothafuckin die
We should put a hole in your eye
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