Lyrics to Viva La Musica
Viva La Musica Video:
Come share the fun of el mundo latino
come swing and dnace to this ritmo divino
our musica is calling for you
its feeling a groove
follow my move vaya

my blood is boiling el ritmo turns me on
get close and muevete, babe come get some
dont let this tren pass you by
its an attitude, a look
lets mambo tonight

i love the music viva la musica
the swing and style hey! viva la musica
que rico, que rico
my latin music es sabor
que rico, que rico
my latin music es sabor

let tha espirit and the heat take control
follow the conga right into your soul
dont miss the chance and baila mambo
a sexy move !come on, come on lets go!


a sexy move go honey yeah, come on, now go

(Thanks to yahaira for these lyrics)
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