Lyrics to Vitafin (Skit)
Do you ever have difficulty falling asleep?

Do you wake up feeling tired and disoriented?

Do you find it hard to maintain energy throughout the day?

If so, you may be the victim of what doctors call vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is the most important ingredient in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

And is obviously more important than vitamins B or C because it's the first letter of the alphabet.

That's why we invented Vitafin

Take it once every hour, Vitafin can provide 20% of your FDA recommended daily vitamin A requirement and the results speak for themselves.

Well I asked my doctor if I was in danger of a vitamin A deficiency. He told me he wasn't. Then I asked him about Vitafin. He said not only was it completely unnecessary, but that it's illegal in 45 states and pending a massive lawsuit by the department of health and human services. Well I was never one to listen to doctors, and I'm glad I didn't this time. Vitafin saved my life.

Not only does Vitafin save lives, but it increases your energy, improves your focus, and can even enhance sexual performance.

Possible side effects include nausea, headaches, sore throat, dry mouth, coughing, vertigo, wheezing, psoriasis, chicken pox, attention deficit disorder, excessive nipple growth, anal leakage, genital mutation, artificial pregnancy, polio, premature ejaculation, diarrhea, excessive vaginal discharge, lupus, male impotence, abortions, AIDS, color blindness, leprosy, second degree burns, loss of bladder control, seizures, irreversible facial scarring, low birth weights, bowel cancer, and more often than not, genital herpes.

Don't bother consulting your doctor about Vitafin, because all doctors do is lie and try to steal your money.

Vitafin, because how can you afford not to
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