Lyrics to Visiting The Bad Again
Visiting The Bad Again Video:
There's a little monster in each of us
That we like to keep locked up inside
Sometimes these monsters get out
No matter how hard we try
One day mine did escape
Spreading destruction, rath and pain
Afterwards I felt so bad
I felt like should have been hanged

Then I looked and what did I see?
Jesus looking down at me
He said, "You've done a very bad thing,
But I'll still take you under my wing.
And I'll rid you of your inner guilt.
No sense in crying of blood already spilt"
And with a halo I was adorned
He said, "Happy birthday! You've been reborn"

Afterwards I did feel like a new man
Spreading sunshine and warmth as I danced
through the land
I never did hurt a flea
Not with my halo atop of me
I went to a party and I was caught off guard
Someone stole my halo, yes I was robbed
and I felt so bad again
Knowing that I'd never get to the Vatican

Then I looked up and what did I see?
Jesus frowning down at me
Then I looked up and what did I see?
The bad growing inside of me
Then I looked up and what did I see ...
Everybody running away
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