Lyrics to Visitation
Visitation Video:
So here he is walking to nowhere

To think it through What has he done wrong?

The frustration's beyond the top

Crawling back to the darkest corner

Hoping noone would notice he is ready to burst

Never shared his feelings with the outside world So don't blame her though she stabbed him in the back Is it too late to expose his mind so she will finally find the truth The quarter falls

Doing his very best to rebuild

the hope but she's constantly wiped away

And after ages when he finally reached

the same level a larger piece will vanish

into this bottomless well She's watching him taking

the greatest effort to heal not realising what is really happening just staring at his face While he is keeping the faith

Blinded by a fool Light that candle that clears the room

How can it possibly burn in this hurricane

Please give a hand so he can climb out of this deepest valley

If you let go you will never catch his eye again
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