Lyrics to Virtuous Woman
Virtuous Woman Video:
Shuba, shuba I. Shuba Shuba day (Repeat)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, now now

Nuh real man can live without a woman
Like night to day so is a woman to her man
She's essential to his purpose and his missions
A good woman is a glory to her man
She will never take the power
She will just make him a better man
Every great man has a virtuous woman
Verse 1:
Woman yu said yu love me, you never leave me lonely
You always be there for me, so I need not worry
Woman to keep I strong which is part of Jah plan
I leave my mum and dad, find a woman and be one
With the woman I make my bond, perfect combination
I am black man so mi love mi black woman
Woman a give me the sweet sweet love
Oh any time a day, yeah, lots a kisses and hugs
Oh I and I a burn out all gay


Verse 2:
Women I love and honour, for they are the life carrier
Hail Empress Omega, the mother of Rastafari's culture
Give Ises to the King and his Empress Menen
Who showed us the right and the true way of living
Woman could never cause sin, so listen as I sing
For the woman of the earth let my joy bell ring ring ring
Equality inna Zion by nature's law that's the way it should go
For every man I know there is a woman
You'll meet divinely that's all I know

Shuba, shuba I. Shuba Shuba day (Repeat)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, now now

The family unit is fundamental and important
No real man can live without a woman
A virtuous woman, a righteous woman, a purified woman that I want
How it go, something like, now, now, now

Verse 1

Chorus till End
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