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Lyrics to Violence...Gun Control
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Violence... GunC ontrolIt was a stormy night... while the city's asleepI was down to my last cigaretteAnd the holes in my shoes let the rain soakin' inIt's a night that I'll never forgetThe flickering street light, the cold in my breathIntensity ripped in the airThe sound of a gun as I watched a man runInto blackness he then disappearedViolenceGun controlMy heart skipped a beat as I ran 'cross the streetTo the house, the lights on insideAs I stood at the door, he was there on the floorWith a bullet between the eyesThey zipped up the bag and they wheeled him outsideAs I watched the lights fade awayAnd the holes in my shoes, still the rain soakin' inI can't walk away...I can't walk away...

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