Lyrics to Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding Video:
was there some things left out on your front steps
like the words, unsaid, that maybe should have been?
you've seen so much life through your window eyes
do you still look on tonight?

are your copper veins bent for watering
all the hands that cleaned all the in-between
spaces that have been, accumulating
all the dust of life's debris?

look now (look now)
at how a home becomes a house (a house)
when the porch lights are all turned out (turned out)
at how its window eyes have dimmed (have dimmed)
all is silent and dark within (within)
the vinyl of its skin

in the depths of you by the fire's plumes
where we warmed our hands while we made our plans
you were left to be a place of memory
of warm hellos and cold goodbyes
a home that sheltered our darkest skies

the lazy eyelids of your awnings close
the porch, your mouth, a yawning pose
those pipes so cold they nearly froze
I almost wanted to light a match
but it would have warmed you too fast
causing most of your veins to crack
as your body just turned to ash
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