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Lyrics to Villeneuve's Oratory
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I have dreamed of a place where the lake meets the land
You are older than the trees and I am older than the sand
There's more than the light from a disappearing day
It's less than the night will convince you to remain

It's more like the sound of a desperate parade
Playing songs for the sailors in the oceans we have made

And I've asked for your hand, she gave me away
Was less than your heart but I took it anyway
And I buried it inside and I could not be betrayed
And I lost touch with that place and the image that it made

We stood on the sand and we looked to the waves
Playing songs for the fallen and the ones we have saved

I have lost much more than I hope to retain
But it's better to have stood upright than to cower in shame
So I fought with conviction and I fought with skill
I fought with courage every man that I kill

And I did as I was told to and I did it very well
And hoped that my great lord would protect me from Hell

And I foreseen a time where my body is gone
And the bodies of others will be trampled upon
And there's a terrible hatred and there's a terrible pain
And as soon as it's over, it starts up again

But you stand at the place where the lake meets the land
And I offer you nothing and you give me your hand
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