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Beyond Earth

Lyrics to Victory Of Light
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Reach beyond the tears of glory
driven through time
and are there
near to a new wave of life
now it's the time
a new beginning it's right by your side

Behind the mask, Glory still lies real
a new world will soon be born
before we're called by the force of life
our wisdon won't be stilled

Then we see a light
moment of victory
and it's stronger
message of harmony
the magic source of life
than we see a light
moment of victory
and we're stronger
message of Harmony
and we are ready to fight

Sounds of sorrow are so far behind
kept by the warriors
frozen by time...they are lost
still we chase
the power of life
forever we chase
never surrending to feelings of fear

Feel the miracle in the rays of light
mighty strength message divine
strenght and glory travelled through time

that's the legacy of our kind
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