Lyrics to Victory
Victory Video:
You smell that? You smell that?!
Napalm, son! Nothing else in the world smells like that!
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
You know that gasoline smell?
Smells like... victory

Drop, drop the beat-beat and hop out yo' seat-seat
Bomb squad, knock-knock the socks of your feet-feet
Fi-fi-fiesta, meet the oppressor
(Beep beep) Who got the keys to the vespa?
Glorified for making rhymes, bored and trying to waste some time
Palmer Squares sort of Igor and Dr. Frankenstein
I gotta warn ya, I'm a god of war, I got a crown of thorns
You got a lot but wanting more, it's awful cold, I'm awful warming
Offer no condolence, only thought controlling my patrol
Your mama know, your father don't, off parole and on a roll
You posers chose to pose the opposition
Which can only go to show you that nobody wanna listen
On a mission, I'm a soldier 'bout you go about your business
I ain't known to reach a limit, they known for keeping a distance
Overeating feed the machine, I'ma keep it overeating
No awareness, no apparent reason to share your feelings
Popping a three swish, top of the key swish
By God, I'm Jesus, by golly, gee whiz!
We dropping atomic bombs, ya'll dropping some leaflets
Stick 'em up, got 'em picking up all of the pieces

Watch Family Feud muted and I'm guessing what the question is
What can't be mood music gets ejected from my pencil tips
It's effortless, I dream of stepping off a precipice
Stress levels can lessen, book a session with the specialist
I'm loud as fuck, stomping on the ambience surrounding ya
Renowned around your town for getting rowdy in a crowded club
Always down to pound a couple growlers at the county pub
Leading the regime we travel deep in the ravine
They'll never let my choir catch you liars preaching while I sing
Feeling heedless to my team, my self-esteem is for the birds
A beast to burden, feel the burn for real, I need to ease my nerves
Cause I get the heebie-jeebies even when I'm feeling fairly fair
Compared to kings and pharaohs, I'm a square but y'all barely care
Diem-paired interrogators staring at your derriere
Parallel to aerial canaries in the arid air
(It's the Palmer Squares, Nate Kiz, NaPalm!)
See I squabble with police and plead allegiance to hypocrisy
'Cause secretly I'm seeking something deeper than the bottom
Economically we lead a life of leisure, love, and honesty
You'd be neurotic if you had a grievance with our policy
Yo, beyond pompously, I propagate philosophy
With honorary doctorate degrees in optimology
But not a lot of people see the need for decent vision
Reposition equal distance from the realest and the wannabes
Bounce around the beat methodically as many people watch
Preaching on and on anonymous to every single snob
Beat your mom for drinks, give 'im mouth to mouth and eat the box
Vow to beat the odds and take a bow when I complete the job
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