Lyrics to Victory Lap
Victory Lap Video:
Making months into minutes, I forget how fast I move
Knowing the engine won't last if it never gets the chance to cool.
The whole ride home from Baltimore
I scanned the floor as not to see what passed.

I've watched so many
Run to the edge of the world just to
Find they never wanted to leave.
(Dying slow)
And as they faced the ledge,
They finally got the chance to breathe.

We tried so hard
To send the daylight back to sleep.
But the night has fled,
And it's time to leave.

So slice myself in two
Just to leave her with a little piece.
(A souvenir)
For all the promise ahead,
There's just as much in the rearview mirror.

The engine moves and I call to you, I'm alone.

It's been said, 'The boy's not right in the head.'
So don't bet on his impoverished venture westward,
Straying far from comfort to find
California's gold already mined,
And she's still waiting behind for you to come home.
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