Vibrating Bones, My Working Blood Lyrics

The Wailing Wall

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Lyrics to Vibrating Bones, My Working Blood
Vibrating Bones, My Working Blood Video:
Many years I was unsure
My brain was stained, my heart impure
I searched for you; you weren't there
Your absent face, your absent hair

You are here now, in this place
Salty tongue and paper face
I will climb your mountain thighs
And swim inside your river eyes

Your winter limbs, your lungs of lava
Naked throne and strange tiara
I surrender to you, love
Vibrating bones, my working blood

Oh my darling Clementine
You are not heaven's, only mine
Your parting day will mean my death
My whole world wheezes with your breath

Tonight I'll kiss your stucco lips
Your cobblestone breasts and kitchen hips
And when we lay as man and woman
That's when you're at your most human
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