Lyrics to Veranda
Veranda Video:
Yeah you, you look rather bored but amused with the way that I'm dis-connecting with you, through this crowded room
its true, all these peaches and mangoes they taste all the same when I'm thinking of what to do, to get through to you
wait and see, they'll never know, I slipped away
same for you, what do you say we get away, its boring me away
drive as far as you can, oh we don't know where we're going
and we wont care where it ends, as long as we are holding,
on to every second we have
now run, run like your life will depend on how soon your feet get across the room and get here soon.
and I will be running through time to get you here
searching through all of the roofs we might have been,
and when I do find you
we will be looking out, oh girl but I'm just learning
and here we'll stay out, all night just staring at the view
maybe we'll see something new, oh I hope you find me soon
I can't speak a word to you, words would only kill this perfect mood,
but I just might
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