Lyrics to Venus Is Prominent
Venus Is Prominent Video:
i formed a rain dance around a shrub
but no rain came, not for us
is it good energy that it wants,
or is it well worded wishes that it hunts?
i stored my confidence to use all at once
so for the rest of the year, don't count on those ups.

i am leaving now, you are free to follow
not once, not twice, but three times
i've changed your, changed your mind
time does not move fast enough
but too fast for me
i know more than them, but less than i thought
you should by now, i'm purely water now

said now, said venus is prominent in the sky
in the lakes of the city, you can see it at night
so if you're ready now, let's be swallowed to the lakes
to watch her come out with beauty and grace

her arms are skinnier than mine
do you think about that sometimes?
her words are disconnected and distant
to keep you hungry for her presence

i am a pessimist, to some, and to other's creative
i know you'll anger for them, i just choose to channel it
i am sorry i'm a mess, but you should know that by now
do you love me now? how about now?
what about now? what about now?

now, how about now?
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