Lyrics to Vengeance
Vengeance Video:
Well I've now become the nemesis
The recoil of this genesis
But it's so far away
The hemispheres are black and torn
My vengeance comes when your abortions are born
I'm so like you

Well this world it denies, denies it's hate disease
And it drowns it all out with your hypocrisy
But tonight when the light shines upon me
And we spell it all out for everyone to see

You can tread on my feelings my feelings are gone

Lets make this point
Lets make it clear
I've never known someone sincere
But all this hurt I will erase
And make this future a perfect place
Well we all have been used, we're being used inside
And we're dropping and dying like it's genocide
But those spaces created will be filled in time
With isolation, corruption, and your fucking lies

Because we all drown within our lies
And I'm trying to keep my head up but the water's going deep
But we come around and hold on tight
No not this time

Back, get back and give me my fucking space
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