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deep within my heart I've been searching my way through as the river is spreading the hue from green to blue carry on the flame try to rule the lion's den storm the fortress of standstill again and again the powers that be shall try to break free don't ever try them to deny they all could have wings and then become kings holding the one the emerald eye (chorus) velvet eyes of dawn I see the miracle within velvet eyes of dawn in me outside looking in the times are gone while the clock ticks on and on by the years we're holding on for the velvet eyes of dawn color the pale sky try to find the holy grail and the guardians of time will stand by and praise your tale the time to begin the battle to win before the night obscures the sky the shadows of eve will come to deceive before the well of life runs dry one growing blossoms' smile in moonlight for a while announcing one new spring dreaming to be king come joining the parade turn down your masquerade free as a bird of prey sail your ships off the bay (chorus)

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