Vampires, Mummies, And The Holy Ghost Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett

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Lyrics to Vampires, Mummies, And The Holy Ghost
Vampires, Mummies, And The Holy Ghost Video:
Looked in my laptop what did I see A flashing message said today therapy Rather walk through fire Than converse with my shrink But I'm getting better That's what some people think Talk about denial And dysfunctional things Head's like a bell somedays It dongs and it dings My brain playing tricks on me It likes to shift gears Spend lots of money But I'm tackling my fears Chorus Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost These are the things that terrify me the most No aliens, psychopaths or MTV hosts Scares me like vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost Had a dream last night Took a time traveling ride Back to my childhood Where those monsters reside They snack on innocence And dine on self-esteem But I like to be in touch with what makes me scream Chorus I was never ever frightened By the murderer on our block He nurtured orchids and raised hamsters The neighborhood is still in shock La, la, la, la, la... So many dragons lurking out in the fog So many crazy people mumblin' monologues It's not the tales of Stephen King that I've read I need protection from the things in my head Chorus

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