Lyrics to Vampire Aids
Vampire Aids Video:
The tide won't sink us all
It's like a bad dream but no one wakes me or pulls me out
I could watch but I wouldn't laugh as she screams his name
I know it - I know that I know

So let's turn a page and darken bright days
It's not your problem now but I just don't know how I don't

I feel like broken windows can't, they won't stab her in the side
In between her thighs isn't dignified; just like the way that she spoke to me

But it's not the same
She won't sigh this way
I can't taste the floor, this doesn't have a cure
She loses her breath indifferently, I don't

I don't think that I'll bother anymore, it's hopeless
Invisible candles are all I have left now
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