Lyrics to Valley Joe
Valley Joe Video:
(feat. B-Legit, Lil Bruce, PSD)

[Lil Bruce]

They say pimpin' aint easy
And nigga, they aint neva lie
We ride back to back thru the track faul on suicide
Watch me glide on twenties
Get money
Smokin' backwoods on pills
Breakin' bitches that will
Cause its pimpin'
Only special women
Livin' up and down the blocks slangin' rocks slangin' cock
Pimp til I die
Im so fly
Thats where I am and thats where Im not
Im Lil Bruce baby, I come from the V
The home of iternaroles but MD


You think I can about schan or snatch
And Im runnin' scams to get my hands on scratch
Understand that
Woman romance without financeamie
Stands no chance with my man of my pedigree
Call my hoggish if you would
Shoulda been a part of Sick Wid It Records
Wit a pig on my necklace
What ya dig my possesions is the gaz my gift
Why should it matter if its turf shit werent for shit
Nigga we hurt shit
That is rebirth wit it
Thats what it the gaz shit
Man we curse wit it
As for us we did it
So nigga name it I done it
And love to hit it while she on her stomach
Money and hundreds


Im from the V-A double L E-J-O
Where sellin' narcotics is all I know
Im from the valley with sally silly dank biiitch
What it is what it is what it is


A boss up
Never fuck its red lights with a toss up
A tangle where we crossed up
Its big shit
V town affiliates
Just watch us rip shit
The ganster or the pimp shit
No simp shit
Bitch I must I mean
Out the ricks
Wit kicks
And gun machines
You know the green
The thing we was dieing to get
Its a reason why my niggas came so damn sick
When I represent
Bitch I put it on dubbs
Park it by the club and let the rat heads rub
Im out to get the cheddar
If she fight
Nigga let her
It dont matter
I stay fatter

[Mac Dre]

It dont matter
As long as my pockets get fatter
I dont give a fuck if savilians got scatter
Im the last batter
Better hit a homerun
When I stick my dick in I watch how fast she cum
Up the block sideways when I shift I turnt quick
And after that first dick
Im all in your purse bitch
Mac Drizae
Off the hizzae
Goin' off hennihizae
And a half of thizel (thizel)
Romper Roomin'
No cartoonin'
Makin' it scrill
Keepin' it real
Bitch the mill

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