Lyrics to Valentine`s Day
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Some of my best lessons in life Were from the fathers of lovers I`ve discarded Like I remember Jack Father of five and of Donna-Mae A thick old man with sausage hands He broke his children down And wanting to understand I joined in his vodka confessional Where he`d said he`d lost everything The one woman tender to him And wouldn`t you know it On Valentine`s Day Oh oh oh - broken hearts of broken men Broken bottles, broken homes and bones and dreams And broken dreams On Valentine`s Day Then there was Helen, who I really got stuck on I`ve always had a thing for readheads And her old man was rich, the kind that protects And he sat me down He told me some things about his life And about earning respect Things he learned the hard way And though I didn`t take it well at the time I reflect on it now and use it well And it makes me think of Jack, father of Donna-Mae And the massacre of hearts On Valentine`s Day Oh oh oh - young loves were nothin` But practice and preparation for the real thing For real love For what we all deserve On Valentine`s Day Soulmates don`t just appear and stay I don`t care what the eighties say E.g. Annie was the bolt of lightening That flashed on my heart and struck me down It took everything her father had to push us apart It nearly killed him Instructed by this consequence I now view life this way I see love as a balance scale One side life and wife and kids and job and home Weighing heavily down against a circle On a calender page Oh oh oh - passion flashbacks Flare up and disrupt everything, every year ideals eroded by a letter from you On Valentine`s Day

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