Lyrics to Vacation
Vacation Video:
We're both so busy we work so hard and
I never see you, it's totally retarded
When we're together, we're both so tired
Sometimes I wish we'd just get our asses fired
Cuz that way, you and me, we could hang out all day
Do what we wanna do gotta find a way
Let's go on vacation
Let's go on vacation
I'll make all the reservations, no cancellations
Time for vacation, whoa
Go to the zoo and we'll ride the llamas
Or stay in bed, never changed out of pajamas
We'll scream our heads off on a roller coaster ride
Or make even more noise by stayin' inside
I'm sick of sharing, I want you to myself
Let's run away and reclaim our mental health
Let's go on vacation
There's no time for hesitation
No time for deliberation, procrastination
Gotta go on vacation, whoa
You and I know
If Weezer can go
On holiday than so
Can we, let's go
You and I know
If Belinda and that Go-Go's
Can go on vacation than so
Can you and me, it's time to go
There'll be no aggravation, no agitation
Stress or frustration
And our only destination is rest and relaxation
For the duration
We gotta go on vacation, let's just go on vacation
Time to go on vacation, whoa
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