Lyrics to Vacant Stare
Vacant Stare Video:
I Waited long when there was no one there for me
I held your hand down there when no one else could see, kissed you lips and with them i swore i'd always be there for your vacant stare

When i said these words, i thought you may have wept, that dreamin was the only reason that i slept
and boredom was the only company i kept, except
for your vacant stare

thanks but i'm aware of all the things im not
thanks for the television memories i got
suffice to say our chemistry was simply hot air
and your vacant stare

so excepting evil is just as it does
I promised i'd be all i could be just because
but thought i looked this hard i found the cubbert was bare

but for your vacant stare
but for your vacant stare
but for your vacant stare
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