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Lyrics to Utter Disappointment
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She said that I have kind eyes

The kind that make you believe in love.

I asked what kind of a sick joke is this?

She just smiled, with no reply.

She said "You make me feel so happy,

The kind that makes you sick to your stomach."

She asked "Why do I feel this way?"

I replied "Happiness is only a phase".

Don't get ahead of yourself

You say it could be the very thing you loathe

You better think twice, but don't think too hard

Coz you just might break your heart.

In this utter disappointment, I found a sublte enjoyment

In melancholy.

And with tears in her eyes, she look at me and cried

"Oh God, I hope, I pray this is only a dream".

This is not a dream.

This is reality.
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