U.S. Government 666 Lyrics

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This Is What You Get

Lyrics to U.S. Government 666
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"That land is your land, this land is mine. Stay the fuck off my land you swine. You've got some guns, but we got our bombs, so it looks like you bastards won't last long"
Spoken like the words of a true American, Government officials, fucking army men, Nationalist Americans who buy their pride. 200 bucks to fly a flag up high.

Buy Your Pride

Here comes the draft, wheres your freedom at now? Who the fuck cares cause you'd fight anyhow. Being in the army don't seem so bad. Soon you're in the field with blood on your hands. Where's your purple heart when your shot in the head? The next thing you know you wind up dead. I guess that shows the true price of pride. It's not 200 bucks just a bullet in your eye

US Government 666!
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