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Jody Breeze

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Lyrics to Uptown Freestyle
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Ayee, you always talkin always flexin me I'm always strapped with smith and westons
I tried to tell you I'm the one you testin so fuck you and whoevers in your session
You in your club I hope you run your bestest cause when I bust I'm bustin in ya direction blah
No askin questions you can't tell me nothin and so what you like the gang bang
Bitch I do the samestupid sons of bitches and young jezzy momma sorry your sons a bitchass
That's okay I'm gonna miss him my killers ain't gon let up tell them niggas with ya
Go head and get wet up
It's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay
You can go and tell them niggas
Come on come on come on come on come on come on
It's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay
You can run and tell them succas
Come on come on come on come on come on come on
Aye do you remember me I remember you
Boys in the hood succa they remember too whaddup do whaddup ge whaddup o whaddup thee
Whaddup cell whaddup suite whaddup stone whaddup g's
Aye but lett me get get get get back down to bussiness
This niggas not fuckin with me I promise god is my witness
I must have spat his ass a thousand times never did I mention your name not in a thousand rhymes
But you still wanna play with me shawta where I'm from
You don't play with g's see my automatics, I stay with these
Neva ask to hit your blunt bitch I stay with weez the rap games too easy like my abc's
First time I met you I knew you had a phd haa hatas fake gansta you made up
Keep frontin get ate up I'm just tellin you straight up I've been fuckin hoes not ya bone playa
You don't know what you think this is you betta get up out my way cause
I neva told nobody bout the time o strive you and keysha cole
Remember that I coulda popped ya ass but I didn't wanna explode up explostion
I know yous a hoe dude this is not no gangsta ya'll you are only pro too neva had no skills
Does he got ya deal if the only reason you appear to be real
But that's okay that's okay who you think your foolin
Every club that we eva hit always took my tube in
Yea I will turn you into sushi and you got yo style from gucci
You on your way out I'm on my way in and all you did was grin when shawty shot yo friend
Now his momma cryn you steady lien but I'm gonna keep this real it's yo mommas time
And I won't say no names like you did when they doin time
That's my partna there that's my partna there I know real bloods I know real crips
You are not one that is real shit!
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