Lyrics to Up Late, Lately
Up Late, Lately Video:
If you gotta go, then go
It wouldn't bother me if you never leave
We're both kind of tired I know
And my heart beats low...

I wanna tell you all my stories but I can't get started
Cause I'm too scared that any moment
I'll be broken hearted
I couldn't face another morning waking up alone
So I'll reach out and try to grab you in the dark
But you already know it's me
And I've been up late, lately
Been staying up late, lately

Even the city's asleep tonight
And it feels like we're the only two people in the world awake
And in the blue TV light
You'll ignore the excuses that I make
They're all bullshit anyway

Somehow you've gotten in my world of dreams and surreal colors
But if I close my eyes you'll disappear like all the others
And I've forgotton all the stupid things I used to say
And I still feel like I should want to run away
But there's nowhere I'd rather be
Than staying up late, lately
up Late, Lately

Spent so much time tossing and turning endlessly
So I didn't realize how peaceful love could be

So if you gotta leave then leave
But I really hope you'll stay
You put all my ghosts to sleep
And they've been up so damn late
Keeping me up late, lately
Keeping me up late, lately
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