Up Against The Wall Lyrics


Hood Politics 7

Lyrics to Up Against The Wall
Up Against The Wall Video:
Featuring Reks & Superstah Snuk
Prod by Lee Bannon

Know who you dealing with? Guess you could say I'm feeling it
‘Cause I don't know where I am or who these people I'm chillin with
So shake shake it up, shit I finna make a cup
But something so stronger than the morning, I ain't waking up
Man if they know me they know snuck or get bizz
If this the light in front of my tunnel it must be the fridge
I'm a alcoholic, on toilets I shit blood
So it's gon take a little more for me to get buzzed
You say I got a problem, I say I got a problem
Follow me now and sip the bottle til it rip the bottom
Don't get us started baby, we know what we doin
They call my spot forgot and that's where we keep the brew in
Yea, and I keep drinkin like a fish
And I ain't quitin, I be sippin til I'm pissin in the kitchen
And I take a last sip and I can't swallow the rest
And now I'm up against the wall, I pass the bottle to Rex

Uh, fuck man

Tipsy once, now pissy drunk
The whole room spinnin, why I took this Henny from snap
ST a fair, then it's the aroma of skunk
I'm stuck watchin this bitch rollin a blunt
I can't feel my face, this a party or what?
Party it up, swallowin from bottomless cup
I don't feel good, gotta throw up
Turn spazzin in my ear like dog ra ra
Fuck you niggas, when did all these broads show up?
Ain't a party less everybody covered in sluts
Runnin em up, liquor I love, shit is a must
Grab the up like listen, is you crushin or what?
Just touch the point of pas out, blackout status
Surrounded by bottles and profilactic rappers
How did I get here? Only concern
Let me think on it as I pass the bottle to turn

Girl you the worse, tryna pass that bottle to me
Son I wouldn't take that bottle if that bottle was free
That's all backwash, plus I got a fresh one in my bag
Went we done with this, we all gon need a cab
I got a white girl sniffin in your kitchen
And both of her girls with it, we could go hit up this mission
Another Saturday I'm missin, wifey probably briefing
Blowing up my phone but I ain't tryna listen
I'm just up against the wall, feelin extra wavy
Man, this house party's extra crazy
Seen a cat throwin up in yo bathroom sink
Fallin over, maybe I should snatch his link
Yo T chill, there's somebody knockin at the door
Let me step over this body that's passed out on the floor
As I open up the door, pigs in my face
Now I can't finish the bottle cuz the bottle's with J, damn
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