Lyrics to Unwound
Unwound Video:
I woke up and you were gone, I found your clothes lining the hall
I hit the light, and found you sleeping on the floor
I freaked out, you hid away
I saw the light of a new day
I was so blind, I missed you heading for the door

I'm a puppet on your hand,
I'm that string that comes unwound
Kiss my lips, and I swear I'll fall apart
I took everything you are, and I wished upon a star
And you were there, and you filled my lonely heart

And maybe I was wrong
I read your note, and wrote this song
Or maybe I'm a child in disguise?
But baby I'm a star, burning brightly in the night sky
With a billion years of fire and life
But I don't feel alive...
I felt the beating of your broken heart
And I am the one, I have your love
You are the one for me
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