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Lyrics to Unveiling The Mystery
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"I gaze into the glittering sky,
To which I am drawn by the revealing of stars
I feel my subconscious ascending int the unknown,
To begin an odyssey of knowledge"

The immense cloaking blackness fills me with dread,
And yet a desire to be consumed
By it's utter magnificence
Above me I feel the presence of the keys
To unlock the paths that I must tread
(Watching them fade, drifting out to the sky)
The distilled brooding tranzuil sky
Brings back to me my visions of dread
(Denied their lives, empty souls drift...)

Of wheb the ocean shall overcome my land,
And this haven shall be swept into despair
Devoid of life, a barren wasted womb

"Until these, my visions, reveal themselves
To the children of this world,
I remain awaiting my true enlightenment
And as the stars fall into place,
I cower beneath the storm,
As this cosmic mechanism comes into play..."

[J. Fogarty 21.9.97]
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