Lyrics to Untouchable
Untouchable Video:
Raise your glass to the times we had
to all the people that we met in the middle
Sit back, enjoy the moments
all the things that we fucked up just a little
Jumping into the neighbors pool
Starting fights and skipping school
No regrets in our attempt to break every rule

I learned a lot from the conversation
the debate about our reason for living.
Sometimes we get caught up and
we forget about when we let go and
Made our way down to the shore
Dirty looks from the guy next door
Won't be satisfied we're searching for something more.

We haven't been here for a long time
What are we doing?
Every time I played along I take it back.

We stay true to what we said
Turn our backs when they told us that we're
in over our heads, when it's over.
And we've done it alright
we're alive and we will fight
And the truth comes out tonight.
We're untouchable.

Raise your glass to all the prospects,
what lies ahead won't be defined by
anyone but me and you.
The changes that we make are just fine.
Create a chance that's full and new
Do anything to see it through.
Together we'll split this world in two

(Thanks to Jon for these lyrics)
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