Lyrics to Untitled
Untitled Video:
thinking of this time, its irrelevant
ive felt this for so long
but you've got nothing left
and what do you have to say
that hasnt already been said
a thousand times before

hold onto yourself
give up all you've got
see the thousand signs
ive had upon the wall and you will always be the one to fall

i knew i was in trouble when you came to me
but you will know its over when u fail to see
but you will always have a piece of my heart

friends are there for reasons that youll never understand
and i was the only one to catch the secrets of your plans
i know that its through, when you said its true
but im over that now

hold onto yourself
is it time to fall
take a look around
youll see that youre the one thats left on the ground

i know its so hard for you
to understand that its through
but you know well in the end
surprising for you to see
that you were always around
i know its all news to you
do you think i was alone
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