Unmistakable Feeling Lyrics


Midnight Carnival

Lyrics to Unmistakable Feeling
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I wish I could burn these pictures into stone and save those feelings even if they hurt
A lot of empty words I said, a lot of talk in silence is braking all my love and hate
A little tale that I remember keeps me now alive and I can't wait until they have arrived

Dark defenders of the light, bringing back the sight, clearing up the night
And carrying truth and lies, glorious knights who hide their scares and tears

I can't believe your innocence, I can't believe your words
I only feel your love it tastes so sad
This poisoned smile enchains my broken heart and I fall again into your lie
But now I cracked the night, show you truth and lies, tears and scares
And I stand by your side so you can stop to hide and start to fight

Now it depends on you no more time, here comes the truth
Stop to hide! Start to fight!
Doubts are running through your veins, past is hunting you again
Stop to hide! Start to fight!
And I still know that you're caged within your fears
Cause you're so afraid of being free for the answer you need
You'll have to know how to learn from a new mistake
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