Lyrics to Unknown
Unknown Video:
Life in my vessels
twinging through my veins
existing on my capillaries
brings excruciating pain

gnawing through joints
devouring cartilage
animated cadaver
walking carcass

brain resumes normal thought
while it breeds in my system
being dead and yet alive
rigormortis coma like condition

this body moves without me
locks me in my mind
what is it inside me
strangulates circulates wont unbind

pus is seeping
with my blood from inside
oozing and spraying
its pouring from my eyes
nerve contractions
neurons jolt my anguished mind
the way to kill it
I cant fucking find

I live on in uncontrol
with my dreaded unknown
cannot scream or yell
my tongue is in my throat
gagging and hacking
I sit in state of confusion
a dire need to escape
from the waiting for the end
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