Lyrics to Unexpectedly
Unexpectedly Video:
Never thought it could be this way
But I realize somethings changed
Good friends weve been, thats it, the end
Now I see through different eyes

Never thought I could be wrong
Had it all so figured out
But you knew all along
Id turn around

I cant breathe, I just freeze
When you look at me
I cant think, youre twisting my mind
Suddenly, I cant be
Even one minute away from you
Unexpectedly, unexpectedly

Youre the last piece missing in me
You make me feel so complete
What youve been through
Sorry wont do
But Ill make it up to you

Much to my surprise
You broke my stubborn spell
Didnt think Id fall this time
Cant help myself


Hard to believe it
You found my weakness
Im giving into you, for me

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