Lyrics to Undivided Love
Undivided Love Video:

Wherever you are
That's where I wanna be
Til the stars
Have faded all away
In these arms
You'll find what's in your dreams
Never too far
When you call out my name


All the way and all the time
Everyday and every night
I just wanna give you my
Undivided love (undivided love)
Longer than the sky is blue
Always and forever true
No pretending, never ending
Undivided love (undivided love)

There never could be
A stronger bond than this
It won't be long enough
Baby, you are
The reason I exist
When times get hard, baby
I won't give up, no



Deeper than the ocean
Baby, there's emotion
It's bigger than my heart could ever know

(oh no, ooh yeah)

Undivided love
(undivided love, ooh yeah)

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