Lyrics to Undertow
Undertow Video:
I got an idea in my head I been kicking around for days
I have tried to make it quit, but it won't go away
Now the girls are gonna hate it when I turn the cameras on
I've been trying to get away from the nightwatchman

Reason dies
Collapsing under its own load
If I can't reach you from the shoreline, I'll watch you sink below
Into the undertow

You been stealing all my children and raping them repeatedly
It's not a one-time thing
You do it instinctively
I put landmines in my front yard, and I bought a wicked beast
I put bombs in all your letters to brighten correspondence

I'm gonna rip out of my heart
I'm gonna sew it on my sleeve
I'm gonna preach the Gospel on the corner of the street
I will be pulling you no punches if I'm up against the ropes
Let me show you all the carnage on the killing floor
Songwriters: MALLONEE, BILL
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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