Lyrics to Underfire
Underfire Video:
An undeniable voice starts to scream A voice I hear only in my dreams The dead of night in the corner of my room A blackbird on my bedpost warbling my doom Nightmares, Conjuring up spirits of distant lands Don't you see them? I can see them! Pyschosis, They tell me that I'm crazy But then, OK, Please explain this scar! 200 over 110, My blood pressures racing again Salty Flavor, spitting up blood, it's all that I'm tasting They insist, Tell no lies, tell the truth If it's so, where's your proof Hush your mouth, Silence is FOO Up to my room, through the open door Boo Hoo Hoo, WHO?????? Ghostly Apparition stealing my breath Craddle cap, Crib death If silence speaks louder then words, My eyes are deaf from all I've heard And you, you should give to me praise But instead your trapped in a biased daze Of unmerciful fate to which you'll meet demise of a million souls and a million cries Satan's Baby rests in the loins of a liar A perfect connection between sparks and fire The misfits of society all wear your name As good and desire both die in a burning flame

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