Lyrics to Under The Rug
Under The Rug Video:
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Under the rug...
I found some seeds and planted them in the garden! (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
Ah, the flowers (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
They came in many colors (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
And I observed them. a-a-a-a-ah Aw-a-aaaaaaa.

Under the rug-ug-ug...
Under the rug was a very large insect with many legs (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
And I, I didn't want to step on it (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
Because I was... (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
I was afraid (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)
Of the noise that it would make. (ba-ba-ba-ba-buh)

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Under the rug-ug.
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