Lyrics to Under the Gun
Under the Gun Video:
Under the gun, coming undone
Ain't having much fun anymore
Why should I go on?
Under a naked sky
My suicide lullaby
Make love to the mad man inside
Let it linger on
Maybe I'll never learn
Get nothing back in return
Or maybe I'm just giving up
I can still hear her saying

You will strip down your pride
If you just make up your mind
No matter what you decide
You'll never make it right
Under the gun, coming undone

Under appreciated
Like I'm deserving of it
Just coming all easy and fast
Since nothing ever lasts
Much longer than "good enough"
No matter how big and tough
Even with the deepest in love
There's a sacrifice
This broken down satellite
Is coming in clear tonight
There are no survivors in sight
I can still hear her saying

You're not going crazy
It's just you've been crawling along
Now for way too long
It's just temporary
There's no need to cry anymore
It won't repair a thing now
We've got the rest of our lives
So let's take a chance on it all
I'm gonna keep on saying
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