Lyrics to Under Pressure
Under Pressure Video:
[VERSE 1: A.G.]
Now it's a new year, new flow in hand
The Jolly Green and the one man band's in demand
A party groove thing just like Zhané
From the trunk of a Legend, yeah, we came a long way
Everybody frontin talkin bustin caps
When they should be jumpin and givin soul claps
Let's keep it real and let's face the facts
That the brothers from the Bronx keep pumpin fat tracks
Get your Moët, some smoke the weed
Gimme that jimmy hat, that's just what I need
Two kids from the streets with they own techniques
Show got the beats that get em out their seats
Give it our all and nothin lesser
Show & A.G.'s gonna hit you when we under pressure

[Diamond D]
Aiyo, Show's gonna hitcha (when he's under pressure)
A.G.'s gonna hitcha (when he's under pressure)
Aiyo, Show's gonna hitcha (when he's under pressure)
(Don't test the best when they under pressure)

[VERSE 2: A.G.]
Every single minute I wanna rock, never too timid
Peace to hip-hop and we don't need a gimmick
What you see is what you get, that's the real
Lounge with my crew, get a bite to eat, puff and chill
Or slide to the lab to relieve some stress
I hang on the ave. but I'm mostly in my rest
Now honey is thinkin 'bout sexin me
Her destiny must be a night in ecstacy
Hit her with the Flavor like P.E.
Show her I'm a Blastmaster like BDP
You know that I'm Runnin shit like D.M.C.
Plus I can Show and prove like that brother down with me
Keep it real and don't fake the funk
How you gonna be an MC when you can't make the party jump?


[VERSE 2: A.G.]
We got the fellas in the house, ladies got it goin on
And Show react and crack the Dom Perrignon
Greatest on the cut when you move your butt
MC's sayin to theyself: Goddamn, he got guts
(Why) cause I wanna have a ball?
Cause I'm not actin a fool and I'm not holdin up the wall?
(True) You hear cheerin when they start announcin
Show & A.G., and they still got you bouncin
From coast to coast and ocean to ocean
Our name rings bells throughout New York to Oakland
Hip-hop's hometown, the Boogie Down
But no matter where you're from, you can still hear our sound
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