Lyrics to Uncle Joe
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where have all the people gone in my lifei'm looking at the ceilingwith an awful feeling of lossand lonelinessthe after late night television paini'm running out of strength and it feels so wonderfulto swim in our fearand it's unacceptablethe awakening of life oh, uncle joecould you tell me what you know?i've been having mental problemsand the solution is uncleari'll give anything a try oncei'll try anything three timesi don't care but there's no companythat i can stand to be with meso my dependency on you growsand i am not very well readand did you say that i will lose my houseand can you spare me of my painand can you spare me of my tears oh, uncle joe it was unintentionalwhen i spit in your beeri am overinfluencedby movies let's all go to the pier tomorrowthe darkest pooldid you know lies below the sky

Songwriters: Kozelek, Mark Edward
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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